The Cottbus barhopping for students

on Friday the 19.04. from 6 pm. 

All participants please fill in the survey for the event so that we can respond to your suggestions and wishes for next time.

CoBHo is the first bar hopping for students in Cottbus. Directly at the university, affordable and designed by students for students to meet our needs. 

How it works

  1. You can get your ticket in advance (students 2€ / 4€, the rest 5€) or at the box office (all 7€).

  2. Then it's off to the first location, the starting location (LG 2AB), where you pick up your stamp card. You can buy your first drink directly for your first stamp.

  3. After that, you will receive your special CoBHo special in each of the 8 participating bars (for example Muggefug, Lehmbau, Unbelehrbar and El Chico) and thus the other stamps.

  4. The aim of the CoBHo is to get to know the different bars and therefore collect at least 7 stamps. As a cherry on top, you will be entered into the main prize draw. Of course, it doesn't matter whether you have bought the alcoholic or non-alcoholic specials.

About us

We are the Verband deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure Hochschulgruppe Cottbus (Society of industrial engineers) and the Student Council WIing, which makes this event possible in cooperation with 19 other student councils, communities and associations.