About us

We are the Verband deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure Hochschulgruppe Cottbus (Society of industrial engineers) and the Student Council WIing, which makes this event possible in cooperation with 19 other student councils, communities and associations.

About the barhopping

The idea of the event has several origins. Obviously, the nightlife in Cottbus has seen better times and the event is intended to wake it up a bit. It is specifically designed to at least introduce students to the nearest bars on campus at the beginning of the semester. In addition, everything is getting more expensive and we try to make an affordable evening possible for everyone, especially with the particularly cheap student ticket and the generally inexpensive specials.

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Participant Opinions

"Anyone who can remember wasn't there."
Philipp K.
"The best time to go to a secret party is 10:22 p.m. on a Friday night."
Sissy H.
"So there's alcohol? Then I'm in."
Alexander T.